Manzanita Manor Organics

Manzanita Manor Organics

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We (Cynthia and Jutta) have owned and operated Manzanita Manor since 1992. It has been many years and long hours while also working our “day jobs”, to obtain organic certification; to change from selling our Walnuts wholesale to retail; to establish the vineyard; to selling our grapes wholesale; to making and marketing our own Dessert Wine. We strive to offer the best dry farmed organic Walnuts and organic fortified Dessert Wine.


Our organic Walnut Orchard is situated in the Adelaida Foothills of Paso Robles. At 2000 feet elevation, our Heirloom Walnut varieties are cultivated using dry farmed techniques and only Certified Organic approved methods of production. The result is an unsurpassed creamy, rich flavor of the raw Walnuts.

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Our vineyard is surrounded by thousands of Acres of National Forest. The unique location, climate and soil provide the stress for the vine to produce small berries. The result is a perfect ratio of skin to berry which is a “must have” for the base of an excellent wine. Our 2 Horse Vineyard organic Dessert wine from Portuguese grapes is certified by the USDA and CCOF and already has an enthusiastic fan base since its first release, the 2008 vintage.

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